Welcome to this special preview episode of Vincerà! The story of Italia '90 podcast! To give you a little taste of what to expect from the show between June 8th and July 8th, series host Mark Godfrey and regular guests Pete Davies and Simon Hart set the scene on a World Cup finals tournament that was full of high drama, iconic figures and unforgettable moments. There were shocks and tears; there was Maradona, Milla, Matthäus, Schillaci, and a cheeky chap called Gascoigne; we’ll be discussing them all and a whole lot more during the 24 episodes. Italia ’90 defined the end of one era and the beginning of another for football around the world, all set against the backdrop of cultural and political upheaval. If you remember the glorious summer of 1990 then you won’t want to miss this preview episode or the full series.

HOST: Mark Godfrey

GUESTS: Pete Davies (All Played Out), Simon Hart (World in Motion – The Inside Story of Italia 90)

MUSIC: UV Protection

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