We’ve reached the grand finale of both Vincerà! and the Italia ’90 story. The night before the World Cup final, Rome witnessed the operatic splendour of the first Three Tenors concert. On 8 July 1990, the city hosted a far less sophisticated spectacle as holders Argentina fought tooth and nail to retain their crown against the relentless West Germany. We look back at the match – which is remembered for all the wrong reasons – paying particular attention to the Argentine psychodrama and the dethroning of Diego Maradona as the world’s greatest footballer. And as we re-evaluate the tournament, we ask the questions: what are the legacies of Italia ’90 and why, 30 years on, does it still retain such fascination in spite of its well-documented flaws?

HOST: Mark Godfrey

GUESTS: Pete Davies (All Played Out/One Night in Turin), Simon Hart (World in Motion – The Inside Story of Italia ’90), Mike Gibbons (Nessun Dorma pod, The Guardian, When Football Came Home – England, the English and Euro 96)

MUSIC: UV Protection

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