According to Diego Maradona, the people of Naples were considered foreigners in their own land for 364 days of 1990. On the 365th they were expected to throw their unwavering support behind Italy for the first semi-final of Italia ’90. Never mind the mistrust of the south; never mind the prejudice they suffered from the north. Diego – Napoli’s force of nature and out-of-control deity – pleaded with the people of his city to forsake their country for his as holders Argentina attempted to oust hosts Italy from their own party. We look back at the game that saw the Azzurri gripped with nerves faced with Carlos Bilardo’s streetwise battlers; we analyse Italia ’90 from the Argentine perspective and whether they relished the role as pantomime villains; and we dive into the mayhem of Maradona’s time in the Mezzogiorno. 

HOST: Mark Godfrey

GUESTS: Richard Hall (The Gentleman Ultra, Football Italia), John Ludden (Once Upon A Time in Naples), Diego Zandrino (

MUSIC: UV Protection

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