What a day of tournament football to be talking about! June 24th at Italia 90 was the proverbial Super Sunday with not one but two epic clashes between neighbours and arch rivals. Brazil and Argentina kicked it all off amidst a sea of colour and noise in Turin before West Germany and the Netherlands whipped up a tempest – and no little controversy – in Milan. At half time we are joined by the man who commentated on the first of the day’s encounters and is quite simply a sports broadcasting legend – Barry Davies.

HOST: Mark Godfrey

GUESTS: Barry Davies (BBC TV commentator), Pete Davies (All Played Out/One Night in Turin), Rob Smyth (The Guardian, Nessun Dorma podcast), Jörg Jakob (Kicker magazine), John Swelsen (author Not Every Road Leads to Rome: Why Holland didn't win the World Cup 1990)

MUSIC: UV Protection

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